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Monday, October 30, 2017

Unbelievable: See The Youngest Mothers In History. Their Ages Will Shock You!!!

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  • Youngest Child To Have A Baby In History Is Lina Medina from Peru. She was 5 Years, 7 Months when she had her baby.
  • The Oldest Mother on this list is Anna “Anya” from Russia. She was 8 Years, 7 Months when she had her baby.
  • None of these Mothers is up to 10 years of age.
  • Mum-Zi from Nigeria is the only African on this list. She gave birth to her first child at 8 Years, 4 Months

Youngest Mothers In The world

In girls, Puberty, which is regarded as the process of physical changes through which a child's body matures into an adult body capable of sexual reproduction, begins when they're around 10-11 years of age. The starting point of female puberty is referred to as "Menarche". This process of puberty is then usually said to be complete when a girl clocks age 16 to 17. However, there are several documented cases of "Precocious puberty" meaning- the early beginning of puberty and menarche.

In rare cases, Precocious puberty may be caused by the following factors:

  • A tumor in the brain or spinal cord (central nervous system)
  • A defect in the brain present at birth, such as excess fluid buildup (hydrocephalus) or a noncancerous tumor (hamartoma)
  • Radiation to the brain or spinal cord
  • Injury to the brain or spinal cord
  • McCune-Albright syndrome — a rare genetic disease that affects bones and skin color and causes hormonal problems
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia — a group of genetic disorders involving abnormal hormone production by the adrenal glands
  • Hypothyroidism — a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough hormones, etc.

Top 10 Youngest Mothers In History And Their Ages

Here are the ten youngest birth mothers in history; their countries; and their ages:

10. Anna “Anya” / Russia / Age of Motherhood: 8 Years, 7 Months
She gave birth in April 2000 in Rostov-on-Don. Apparently, the father of the baby is their 13 year old neighbor who raped Anya and makes her pregnant right after she had menstruation at a very young age.

9. Hilda Trujillo / Peru / Age of Motherhood: 8 Years, 7 Months
Hilda Trujillo with her baby girl
She was from a broke family that stayed in a room residence only. With her family accepted to stay a 22-year old cousin, but one day raped Hilda in secret. Five months after, the mother of Hilda’s, who is a servant, witness the abnormal growth of her daughter’s stomach. That instance provoked her to bring Hilda to a doctor, and the doctor stated that Hilda is soon to be a mother. Her cousin who raped her was right away arrested and charged. Three months after doctor’s diagnosis, Hilda gave birth to a baby girl named María del Rosario on December 2, 1957, without any anesthesia at all.

8. Unidentified / Colombia / Age of Motherhood: 8 Years, 5 Months
In 2004, this 7 year old girl in Colombia was requested by her mother to fetch medicine in a drugstore where a 32-year-old guy is employed. After 8 months, policemen detained the girl and the mother because the girl’s inflamed tummy was suspected of concealing drugs. The mother of the girl admitted that her daughter is pregnant and it the employee of the store who made it. The girls had been threatened by the guy and making this instance for the females to keep the case for themselves. On October 11, 2004, she gave birth in the Meissen Hospital.

7. Mum-Zi / Nigeria / Age of Motherhood: 8 Years, 4 Months
In different places of Africa, the exercise of harems, a polygamous household is that females are placed in closed quarters banned two men have been practiced for centuries. The chieftain’s harem irregularly includes small girls, but they don’t bear children for chieftain not until they’ve the menstruation. But with harem girl, Mum-Zi, menstruation came at an awfully young age, allowing her to bear a baby in December, 1884 for Chief Akkiri. The shocking case with Mum-Zi’s is that her daughter, Zi, also gave birth at a young age, and this made Mum-Zi, the youngest grandmother at the age of 17.

6. Griseldina Acuña / Colombia / Age of Motherhood: 8 Years, 2 Months
The case of Griseldina Acuña is very rare since she started menstruating at age of 3. She gave birth to a baby boy on September 13, 1936 and he weighs 5 pounds only.

5. Unidentified / India / Age of Motherhood: 8 years
As you may be aware, poverty is a massive issue in India with around 22% of the population being below the poverty line, which is a substantial amount considering the population size. As a result, it is a common practice for poorer families to sell their female offspring to adult males in order to receive money and save the burden of raising the child themselves which is indeed costly. This was the case for this unidentified girl from Kashmir whose widowed mother gave her up for an arranged marriage as she faced destitution. The girl became impregnated by her unidentified husband and on August 1933 she went into labour only at 8 years old. Unfortunately, the Kashmiri girl died during childbirth and the baby too, died in the aftermath of the operation.

4. Zulma Guadalupe Morales / Mexico / Age of Motherhood: 8 Years
On January 12, 1993, an eight-year-old girl, Zulma Guadalupe Morales, gave birth to a healthy boy at the National Medical Center of the West hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico. The baby weighing 7.04 pounds was delivered by caesarian section after Zulma had carried him for a full nine months. The doctor in charge of the patient, Dr. Ever Rodriguez Arias, reported that the mother and the baby were both in “perfect condition” after the delivery.
Morales was actually impregnated by her uncle who had raped her. It was because of the embarrassing circumstances surrounding Zulma’s pregnancy that her parents had wanted to keep everything a secret. The news agency “Excelsior”, however, released the young mother’s name.

3. H. / India / Age of Motherhood: 6 Years, 7 Months
A girl from India, identified only as “H.” in reports, gave birth via caesarean section on June 7, 1932 at the Victoria Zanana Hospital in Delhi when she was only six years and seven months old. Actually, when H. was brought to hospital, it was because she was complaining of pain in the lower part of her abdomen. Shockingly, it was discovered that H.’s discomfort was due to pregnancy. What made H.’s case quite unusual from others like hers, however, is that by the time she was impregnated, she had never yet menstruated, and her breasts were not yet fully developed. Nevertheless, H’s baby girl, delivered via caesarean section, was born a healthy 4.19 lbs. In fact, the extremely young mother managed to breastfeed her child for nine months.

2. Yelizaveta “Liza” Gryshchenko / Soviet Union / Age of Motherhood: 6 Years
In the 1930’s a five-year-old from the Soviet Union, Yelizaveta “Liza” Gryschchenko, was brought to a hospital because her belly was inexplicably growing. Doctors immediately observed that the girl already had pubic hair and defined breasts. Even more surprising to them, her enlarged belly was confirmed to be the result of pregnancy. Questions asked of Liza revealed that it was her 69-year-old maternal grandfather who had made her pregnant by raping her.

Just days after Liza’s sixth birthday, she gave birth to a 3 kg, 52 cm baby girl. Unfortunately, the baby did not survive the delivery because Liza’s parents had insisted on a natural birth instead of a caesarian section. Not surprisingly, to escape the unwanted attention they were getting, Liza and her parents immigrated to Vladivostok. Ironically, the girl’s grandfather who had raped Liza continued to stay with the family.

1. Lina Medina / Peru / Age of Motherhood: 5 Years, 7 Months
The youngest mother in history Lina Medina with her child named Gerardo
When she was five years old, Lina Medina of Ticrapo, Huancavelica Region, Peru was brought to a hospital by her parents because of her increasing abdominal size. Lina’s parents suspected that their daughter was suffering from a tumor in her stomach, but doctors were instead shocked to discover that the young female was in her seventh month of pregnancy. Expectedly, her parents were shocked, but they later revealed that their daughter had strangely begun menstruating when she was only eight months old and had prominent breasts by the time she was four.

Dr. Gerardo Lozada took Lina to Peru so that other specialists could confirm that she was indeed expecting. That move expectedly attracted a lot of attention. In fact, a North American filmmaking company offered Lina and her family $5,000 for the rights to document the unbelievable story. The offer was rejected.

Meanwhile, at Peru, the original diagnosis of Lina’s advanced pregnancy was upheld, and on May 14, 1939, Lina delivered a healthy baby boy, Gerardo Medina, via caesarian section. Doctors who performed the surgery noted that Lina already had fully mature sexual organs at the time she gave birth to her son. The boy, by the way, was raised to believe that Lina was actually her sister, but at ten years of age, he discovered that Lina was really his mother. Nevertheless, they continued to treat each other like brother and sister.

On the question of who had gotten Lina pregnant, her father, Tiburelo Medina, was actually arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse. However, he was later released due to lack of evidence. In fact, even Lina herself did not seem to have any idea regarding the circumstances of her impregnation. Nevertheless, she managed to live her life quite normally, completing her schooling and working as a secretary, although Gerardo died at forty due to bone marrow disease.

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