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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Untold facts of the world

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  1. In 1972 a plane crashed in a mountain located near chile, the passengers on it lived 72 days in a freezing temperature with no food which forced them later to eat their mates’ flesh until they were rescued.
2. A photo captured on 8th of August in 1944 of a French woman that gave birth to a baby from a German soldier during WWII and she was punished by shaving her head bald so everyone would know that she betrayed her country.
3. A young German soldier terrified from what he saw in the battle during WWII until he peed himself from fear. This is war is a short term.
(Warning : the next photo may be disturbing and has dead humans’ heads)
4. These heads belong to the native People of Australia and the man with the moustache is An English man who works as a slave Hunter.
5. This photo belongs to the year 1960 in which a group of soldiers dressed themselves as women to catch a famous purse thief in Chicago, USA.
6. The first girls only group to graduate from Cairo’s university in Egypt.
7. A little African girl in a human zoo in 1958.
8. In the year 1951, the Tunisian president Habib Bu-Ruqibah banned polygamy, later came many women from all over Tunisia to kiss him on the cheek.
9. A photo of a little child who was thrown in a trash bin with a sign saying “Dispose of your ugly children here”!
10. Emily Mary - a French actress who is considered the owner of the smallest waist in the world as it is only 14 inches wide.
11. A historical moment of delight dating back to 1954 taken by the photographer “Wallas Kirkland” of a woman after she heard the news of her pregnancy because it came late after a few years.
12. A photo of “Dorothy Counts” the first black student in a white students’ school In the USA and mixing with them in the year 1957. (You can see people laughing at her in the background).
13. The first diving suit in The world created by “Jester Macda” in 1911 weighing 250 kgs.
14. Laila Al-Attar drew a picture of George w. Bush on the floor of the Rashid hotel’s entrance in Bagdad, she was later killed in an American air strike that targeted her house in 1993.

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