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Monday, October 23, 2017

How to prepare for a better life after graduation from school

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Life in school is fun and full of many activities, both academics and social and it looks like they have no care in the world.

However, behind all the carefree life, an average student is bothered about what life outside of school is, especially as it has been said a number of times that life starts outside of school.

Students have heard a number of times that the four walls of the school are protective and there is a totally different life outside of the protective walls of the school.

Although this is not true in the real sense of it as life starts from the day we were born, there is some sense of truth in the cliché.

Life after school is another phase of life that has a distinct dynamics from that of the school. Quite frankly, many students know this and thus, wonder about coping with the situations that life would present before them.

It would be wrong to pat any student in the head by underestimating the difference between life in school and that outside of school so effective preparation can be made. The saying “he who fails to plan, plans to fail” comes in here.

What this implies is that the student who prepares for life outside of school is more likely to surmount challenges that would naturally be met on the way than one who starts that phase of life blindly.

One of the preparations you make is by reading this article which aims to show you ways to effectively prepare for life after graduating from school.

The first thing that should be noted is that it is important and more effective if preparation is made before graduation.

Really, the last thing you want to do as a student while convoking or graduating is thinking about how unprepared you are for the life ahead. Whereas it is impossible for anybody to be at that point in life without thinking about what is next, it would be more daunting for the one who knows he is not prepared at all for the next stage.

So before that beautiful day where you will be adorned with the academic gown and celebrate with family and friends, you need to do some serious soul searching and ask yourself some serious questions that would usher you into that next phase of life. It is not too early if you start immediately you gain admission.

Relax: This is obviously not what you were expecting the first point to be but you it is very important. There is really nothing that worrying can do to help you. It was said somewhere that worrying is like a rocking chair; it keeps you busy but takes you nowhere. Do not make the mistake of spending the whole of your college or university days worrying about the future, you are going to regret doing that later. You will soon discover that you wasted so much time missing out on the joy of the moment and that all that time wasted would not make any difference in the future. You might be wondering how you are expected to prepare without worrying. The simple answer you are looking for is that worrying is different from preparing. Have fun, enjoy school life and prepare, that is the trick.

Have a focus: You might wonder why this is even on the list, after all the fact that you are in college or university and studying a particular course shows you are set for life and know exactly where you are going to. Well, newsflash: there are many people who are in university because that is the natural next phase of life. You need to come to clear understanding of what you want to make of yourself. Understanding this would help inform your decisions throughout your stay in school. It would even help you know if you are in the right course of study or you need to do something about changing it.

Follow your heart: Due to the point above, many students fall into the trap of trying to fit into one elaborate career path or the other. It might interest you to know you do not have to be in a traditional career path before you can succeed in life. The last thing you want – as untrue as the statement sounds sometimes – is to end up having so much money and being unfulfilled. And the truth is that at the end of the day, if you meet the needs of people, your needs will also be met. But follow your passion and talents, you are more likely to succeed in it.

Be familiar with your school’s career office:

If you have been able to determine that you want to search for a job after school and advance your career, then you need to be familiar with your school’s career office so as to know the different job or internship opportunities that are available for you and take advantage of such opportunities. You will discover after school, many organisations would be asking for job experiences. These internship or summer jobs that you take advantage of while in school would help form your job experiences and make your resume look more attractive.

Go to school: If your own interest is academics or you decide you want to further, then while in school is the time to start preparing for that. You can decide the course you want to specialise on, the dissertation and thesis you want to write and even the school you would like to attend to further. You can decide if it is through scholarship or you would self-fund the schooling. Whatever it is you want to do should be determined and then start pursuing before you graduate from school.

Learn Independence: Although largely your family might still be funding you and taking care of your expenses, remember that it would come to an end one day. And even if they do not ever mind, a day would come when you would naturally mind being dependent. So there is no better time to prepare for the life after school by learning how to be independent.

Save: This cannot be overemphasised. You need to engage in serious saving, you might not know when you would need it but save anyway. Try not to put everything you get into your mouth, it is wise to stash some away for the raining day. It will come in handy someday.

Build relationships: Many people take the right relationship for granted, that is why they burn instead of building bridges. There are a lot of people who have gotten ahead in life as a result of knowing the right person somewhere. Man was created to be interdependent on another man and not as an island; therefore, we need each other to survive. You can never know where your help will come from, so do not take any relationship for granted. Instead cherish and nurture those relationsips.

Take advantage of the alumni group: Similarly, you would be surprised how much alumni network can help you. Alumni network is necessary for finding jobs, building career, building friendship, finding a mentor and many more. You would need people to help you reach your goal and what better set of people than those who graduated from your school and can therefore understand some aspects of your life?

Join LinkedIn: LinkedIn is sadly most likely the least respected social media site. The site is however very important for professionals, especially. If you want to be found outside of your immediate circle, then you might want to join LinkedIn. It however doesn’t just stop at joining; you have to establish a presence there like you do on other sites by visiting, commenting and getting involved in the various communities while also making sure your profile is professional. It is only a matter of time before you would be found out.

Work on your CV: You might be qualified and perfect for a job but if your curriculum vitae does not portray it, then it is as well as being unqualified. One of the best ways to go about this by reading different materials on how to prepare a perfect curriculum vitae and a cover letter. It will go a long way in helping your job search.

Be prepared to take risks: What is life without a few risks? Besides, if you ask the world’s richest men, they would tell you how they took risks. You cannot win in the battle of life without taking risks. However, these risks must be calculated, not unwise. Sometimes, you would need to delve into unclear waters, make sure it is wise and take a chance.

Be prepared for changes: These tips, although, would go a long way in helping your prepare for life after school, but in the actual sense, there is no manual for life.

Life can be full of surprises, so be prepared for whatever life might throw at you even after you have followed all the preparation tips to the latter. Be ready to make

lemonades out of lemons and make the best of every situation.

Life after school is like stepping into the unknown and we are all scared of the unknown but with proper preparation, stepping into the unknown might not be so scary any more

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