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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Getting at the top with time and harmony

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  People set goals. Everyone wants to be successful in achieving their goals. What must you know before achieving your goal? What must you do? Read this post to learn the steps to getting successful with time
Example of time and harmony users
Please use these two examples in order to understand the post better

  Engine timing
  The engine in cars is connected to other parts of the car through a gear with wheels. This implies that the speed at which the engine’s wheel rotates, that’s the same speed the other part would rotate. No matter how far the wheels may be from each other, there is a chain which connects them together. What if the wheel jumps a hole in the chain? Won’t there be problems?

 The little child
  A child is just learning how to walk and is now leaning how to climb a stair case. Won’t it be ideal that the child climbs the stair case one step at a time? What if the child climbs two at once? Isn’t there a high chance of falling?
The mutuality between both examples is that you’ll need to follow the steps to your goal accordingly in order to be successful. Now different goals have their own different steps. These are the basic steps in achieving your purpose in life
Steps to getting successful

 In any goal, knowledge comes first and important because you’ll need to know where you’re going to before you’ll want to embark on the journey. Knowledge of what’s waiting for you is important because it’ll give you motivation.        

 When you’ve known what you’ll achieve when you get to where you’re going to, it’s time to plan your actions. Plan stuffs like the resources you’ll need, when to start, how to start, etc. Plan every details and miss nothing. It is essential though, that you jot down everything so you wouldn’t forget
Gather resources
It’s now the time to start gathering stuffs like money, properties, and anything you’ll need to initiate your goal. Remember that it’s a me-first world so don’t count your chicks before they’re hatched.  

If you’ve had enough resources to start your goal, don’t be shy. It’s your life and your future we’re talking about here. Start up and don’t look back
Continue working
You don’t expect success to just come at once do you? You’ll need to dedicate time into it. Continue working until you achieve your goal.    

             Think again

  Sometimes, you may feel that you’ve worked enough for hardworking to start paying off and you may feel remorse for following this route. If you feel you’ve made the wrong choice, go back to step one however, it is essential that you think thoroughly

  Now, these are the basic steps in achieving not just your purpose, but anything. Planning would show you smaller details you need to add in the step by step list and would lessen the room for errors. Therefore planning is essential for getting successful
Remember the title of this post ‘Harmony’. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss any step and don’t hurry too much. Plan before you embark. If you follow the steps correctly, you’ll achieve anything.

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