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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Unbelievable: Meet The Nigerian Student Who Finally Passed His NECO Exams After 7 Years Of Trying

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A proud Nigerian student has taken to his Facebook profile to write about how he finally passed National Examination Council (NECO) exams after 7 years of being out of school.

Student identified as Solomon Bartholomew in a lengthy post on Facebook on Thursday, September 14, wrote about the hurdles he had to go through in life, including losing his mother.

Despite his mates being graduates and some serving in the NYSC, he says he doesn’t feel an inch of underachievement. However, he finally checked his result and saw he passed with 8 credits and 1 Good.

Bartholomew’s post reads: “...and I checked my NECO result today. After 7 years. Last week, I wrote an article on personal timing that went viral, where I founded that my classmates have been done with school since two years ago and some serving this year, meanwhile I haven't even been to the university. That nobody defines when it's prestigious to reach a height in life. Whether to get married, or get a job, or get a degree. We could be classmates but not purpose or destiny mates, hence life will happen to us very differently. I was done with high school in 2010. I went to a science school, and my results were bad. Life happened, I went to serve as ‘NWABOY’ as ensured by my dad. So schooling was the last thing on my mind, tho I was a voracious reader. Mom died. Things got bad and all other penury that happened. Getting my O’ level was the last thing on my mind. No funds, and life wasn't just favourable. I remember an uncle of mine telling me to rewrite, that he'd sponsor. When time for registration came, he didn't pick my calls again ever. Well, a lot happened and I decided to rewrite NECO this year. I wasn't loud about it. Just members of my tribe knew. Do you know what it's like to go back to write an exam after a whopping 7 years of being out of curriculum?

His result

I read my best. Prayed my best. And took each paper with the best of me. This time around I rewrote for social science, and art, as I am looking at a career in social work or psychology to help boost me as a life coach and prospective psychotherapist. Whenever God wills. Today when I read in the news that the results were out. I got anxious, but to end the anxiety, I got off to get the scratch card and check my result. I saw 8 credits. 1 Good. I screamed. I cried.”

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