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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

5 Main Reasons Why Students Don't Gain Admission Even After Passing Jamb and Post UTME

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Ordinarily, the requirements for being offered admission into any higher institutions in Nigeria is performance in UTME and Post UTME screening conducted by the various Universities.

You can attest to the fact that, it is not a new thing to see students unable to gain admission into his/her university of choice even after performing so great in UTME and Post UTME.

Over years, I’ve seen applicants complaining and accusing Universities of insincerity for not admitting them into any program despite their performance in all their exams.

What if I tell you some of the reasons why, even after performing so greatly in those exams, you are not still been recommended or offered admission?

With this post, I had listed out five reasons why you may not be considered for admission even if you passed all the exam.

1. Wrong JAMB Subject Combination:

One of the criteria for gaining admission into your university of choice to study your desire course is to have a right subject combination for the course. Its unfortunate, that many students do have wrong subject combination in JAMB.
I’ve seen many students who scored more than 250 in JAMB for medicine but had wrong subject combination. You can’t study medicine without English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Any other combination aside from this will definitely deprive you the admission. No matter what you scored in JAMB.

2. Wrong O’Level Result Combination:
Many made A’s in all their O’level subjects but still not qualified for admission because of the fact that the subjects offered are not admit-table for any course. Its not strange seeing SSCE students making good grades in Mathes, English, Fishery, Marketing, Civic and some other unrelated subjects. Such a student may never gain admission into any course no matter his/her performance in UTME.

3. Wrong Choice of Schools:
Up till now, some students still choose UNILORIN, UNILAG, UI, OAU and some other big Universities as second choice options. You can’t choose any of the big schools for second choice and gain admission.

4. Not Qualified for Admission into the course you applied:
You will agree with me that, apart from the known JAMB minimum cut off mark, each course has its own cut off mark for admission. It is possible to meet up with the JAMB cut off marks but not meeting up with the cut off marks for the course you applied.
For instance, the cut off mark to study accounting in University of Ilorin is 230, so if you scored less than that you will surely not be considered for admission.

5. Applying for University outside your
Catchment area:
Every University has its own catchment area. Its always advantageous to apply for admission into the universities in your catchment areas.
The chances of gaining admission by merit is 45% while that of catchment area is 35%. This simply means that, if you meet up with merit in the university of your catchment area, then your chances of gaining admission is 45 plus 35 = 80%. Compared your chances with another student outside the catchment area with only merit of 45% chances.

In conclusion, there many reasons why students are not been offered admission into their university of choice which are not known to them. Among them are the highlighted five reasons.

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